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So what is a wireframe in the web design process?

By Matt Adams on February 2, 2018

In every industry there is a sub language. Words, phrases, shorthand that really only speaks to those that already get it. So here we are, designers, talking about a bunch of stuff that makes no sense to you. I want to change that. Today, let’s unpack “wireframes”. So in a nut shell, a wireframe is…

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Setting Up Server Environments For A Seamless Git Deployment

By Eric Stout on January 23, 2017

Chances are, you’re already using a Git repository to track your code changes. So wouldn’t it make sense to just push those changes to your server? Wouldn’t it be nice to just push your develop branch to a staging environment and push your master branch to a production environment? I’m going to assume you already…

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Harnessing the Power of the Classy API to drive online donations

By Eric Stout on December 16, 2016

We humans love to see the success stories. It’s why we watch movies, award shows, and get sucked into a good book. We like to see if the hero gets the job done and wins the heart of that special someone at the same time. Seeing the win is just something that draws us in.…

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Make Your Website Hosting A Priority

By Matt Quirk on November 4, 2016

Website hosting can be a scary term for many people. We know from experience how scary. There are so many factors that you need to be aware of, understand and prepare for… its overwhelming. Thankfully there are a few tips we’ll share with you so that you can drop your fear of website hosting, make…

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Designing with development in mind

By Matt Adams on November 2, 2016

Anyone who knows me, knows that I have a passion for great design, that is well developed. It’s kind of our thing around here. So when WordCamp Phoenix asked me to speak on it I couldn’t say no. We spend a lot of time working with both designers and developer, which has lead to years…

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Your websites roommates are the worst

By Matt Adams on September 13, 2016

What Goldilocks and the three bears can teach us about hosting You know how the story goes. A little girl lost in the woods, stumbles into a world she doesn’t belong in, and tries all the options for herself. She learns from her mistakes along the way, but really doesn’t enjoy the process. Cold soup,…

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Domain scams to watch out for

By Matt Adams on September 10, 2016

I own a lot of domain names. Not just for Factor1 projects, but for some client work as well. So basically my name is the public owner of more domains than I care to admit. Daily, i get 25+ emails and about 2x a week I get physical mail spam (is that still spam?) about…

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Choosing that perfect domain name

By Matt Adams on August 30, 2016

Choosing a domain name is almost as hard as naming your business or child. I have honestly had easier times naming pets. Nobody really cares about branding, memorability or if it’s a dot com or not. Pet names are easy. Kid names aren’t too hard either. So what makes a good domain name? Let’s cover…

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WordPress and SSL images in WPv4.4

By Matt Adams on March 29, 2016

Responsive images became the new standard in WordPress 4.4, released in December 2015. One major issue is sites that run SSL full time. Having that green secure lock in the browser bar is important. It’s good for security, required for online transactions, and adds a great deal of credibility to the site. With WP 4.4…

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Trusting your site to WordPress

By Matt Adams on February 22, 2016

We often get asked about how secure WordPress is. I can tell you hands down, at the core, it is as secure as anything can be. We recently found a site we made a custom theme for 8 years ago. It was still running WP version 2.5. It has never been updated. This site had…

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