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What is a WordPress strategic partner and why you need one

By Matt Adams on January 26, 2016

So it’s the new year, and you are working on a new site. Maybe it’s for your company, or maybe it’s something you are working on for a client and you are shaping the content and creative for them. We all know WordPress is amazing, powers 50% of the websites out there today, and offers…

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Down with the rockstars and ninjas

By Matt Adams on April 23, 2015

Every day I see or hear companies touting they are design rockstars, or only hire WordPress ninjas. Can we stop with that as a work culture in general. I know I for one do not want to hire a rockstar accountant, or a plumbing ninja. It’s just not the kind of people I like to…

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Mobile friendly for better SEO

By Matt Adams on February 17, 2015

While we have been long pushing mobile responsive sites for our projects over the last few years, google is making much bolder moves. We here at factor1 think the user experience on all devices adds up to a positive interaction with your brand. We see the reports that more and more people every month use…

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Our take on site speed metrics

By Matt Adams on January 26, 2015

So there is a large focus on sites being fast. Google rewards sites that load quickly and meet their speed criteria. Go ahead, run your site through googles page insight tool. What grade did you get? Was it under 50/100 on desktop? You won’t be alone. That’s actually pretty normal. We have had this…

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10 years

By Matt Adams on August 26, 2014

If feels like just yesterday I convinced my very supportive wife I should quit a well paying easy job to start something new. Feels like yesterday, but it was actually 10 years ago. Oh I should also mention what a leap of faith factor1 was. At the time she had been laid off from a…

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The History of Typography

By Matt Adams on May 6, 2013

We spend a lot of time working on the right font pairings in our projects. We try not to get super geeky on you, but sometimes we do want to share the process, get your feedback, or just communicate why we did something. This is a great short animation on the history of type, showing great key…

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Change the rules

By Matt Adams on April 24, 2013

Sometimes systems and industries get big. The way its always been done grows bigger and bigger as time and more players join. The cost of entry becomes higher and the reward is smaller. I love what Actor / Writer / Director Zach Braff is doing on Kickstarter. The film industry has a broken model of…

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Hackers Point Large Botnet At WordPress Sites

By Matt Adams on April 15, 2013

Are you using wordpress for your website content management system or blogging platform? If so you need to read this. In recent news over the last few days, hackers have been targeting and sucessfully gaining access to wordpress admin panels by brute force. The most common issue is out of date plugins / wordpress files,…

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Sometimes you need to start over to get it right

By Matt Adams on April 8, 2013

When was the last time you used a company’s mobile app, and their desktop web site side by side and been shocked that the mobile is better? Yesterday I was using the ebay app on my ipad. I have buying and selling for years. Seriously, I think it drives my wife nuts. For years I…

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Sometimes you have cross the line

By Matt Adams on March 12, 2013

Who says public service announcements are limited to actual problems? I give huge props to  The Martin Agency for their Cool Whip ad and for breaking the rules and really making a legit problem blown out of proportion with a PSA. I mean come on, who hasn’t ruined a cake when spreading some icing.

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