listen up

What kinds of projects do you take?

When we were young, we would work on anything. I mean anything. It was fun, challenging and we thought it made us better at our jobs. The reality is doing less for more focused clients actually made us even better. The more time went on, the more we found our deep skills and where we would be best situated for our ideal work.

So what is that kind of work these days? Well first and foremost, it’s work on the web. Only. That’s right, we ONLY do website strategy, design, development, and maintenance. We don’t do much else outside of that. We will work on branding, and maybe a supporting a print piece if its part of a bigger web project, but not stand alone. Our workflows, our staff, our bread & butter is rooted in the web, as it has been for the last 15 years. Yes, even in 2005 we pretty much only made websites.

Okay, so what kinds of website? Good question.

Online learning platforms and communities. These are sites where the transaction is online, for a product that is delivered by the site. We work on all kinds of platforms, but our ideal system is rooted in WordPress.

Companies that have recurring revenue. This is where you have a product or service NOT delivered by the site, but you still need to acquire and nurture customers with a great user experience online and off. Projects in this space are often consulting, management services, support agreements, and software as a service

Nonprofits. Because you too need to manage the story, the value, and the long term relationships of a great donor or partner. Our years of work have led us to the best positioning of heroes and guides, with the support of a good partner like R2D2. So many nonprofits can grow because the right story and systems make people want to connect and give. Humans are built for connection, we just need to open up the lines of communication to connect the hearts.

At the end of the day, our work is about story, strategy, and positioning of you, on the web, in a way the fosters great relationships for the long term. Want to chat about the ways your company could be a good fit for us? Reach out.