Giving a shit since 2004

15-years of hard work, some tears along the way, some celebrations too, employees getting married, having kids, leveling up in their careers, and others joining us to start their journey. Our team has changed over the years, but the spirit of Factor 1 remains the same.

Do the hard work the first time. People matter more than profits. Stay humble and stay hungry; help those around you, encourage the struggling, praise the wins, nurture the growing, and at the end of the day—give a shit.

We care deeply about your project and your goals. We are selective in the work we take on because we want this to be a win-win. That takes the right clients, goals, ideas, and expectations to ensure we are all on the same page in terms of culture. We communicate often, speak our minds, help at all costs, learn what we don’t know, and hold each other accountable. Sure, this is hard, sometimes we don’t align, other times we nail it and have new friends in a client or team member. No two projects are the same, and that’s what we love. That’s why we have made it 15 years and will make it 15 more.