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14 years of Factor1

14 years of hard work, tears, pain, suffering, celebrations, marriages, kids, people graduating up in their careers, and others joining on for the ride. Our team has changed over the years but the spirit of Factor1 remains.

Do the hard work, the first time. People matter more than profits. Stay humble & stay hungry. Help those around you. Encourage the struggling. Praise the wins. Nurture the growing.  And at the end of the day. Give a Shit.

Want to know who pours their heart and soul into making worry-free websites?

Matt Adams // President

Since he was a little boy, helping others has been at the core of Matt’s value system. Factor1 was born out of the ‘people before profits’ mindset. Matt started his early career in print design and marketing. By surrounding himself with people more talented, he now spends most of his days juggling projects and crafting strategies to client problems.

Matt is an avid competitive cyclist and Apple geek. He loves bikes, good whiskey, and his twin sons Noah & Ezra.

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Stephanie Lauderback

Art Director

Steph loves good design, typography, wood working and Star Wars. When she isn’t working on great designs, you may find her refinishing some vintage furniture or working with power tools in her garage.

Melanie Rhodes

Web Developer

Melanie is a professional tutor turned web developer who loves to take designs and make them come alive online. When not playing around with code, she can usually be found reading, playing an instrument, or battling it out with her sister at Tetris.

Eric Macias

Project Manager

Eric is a former event coordinator who has set his sights for the business world. He enjoys a good puzzle and watching all the parts and pieces fall into place. When not working on a project or event, he is usually out camping, playing basketball, or beating you at Connect 4.

Humans can only remember about 5–7 pieces of information at a given time.

An abundance of choices leaves less time to make the right decision. Nobody has the time or cognitive resources to be completely thorough and accurate with every decision.

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