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Mobile friendly for better SEO

While we have been long pushing mobile responsive sites for our projects over the last few years, google is making much bolder moves. We here at factor1 think the user experience on all devices adds up to a positive interaction with your brand. We see the reports that more and more people every month use their mobile devices to surf the web.
Mobile friendly is getting a lot more critical. In a recent update with google’s search algorithms, SEO experts are seeing either positive search ranking changes for their mobile friendly sites, and very negative results on non mobile sites. Google even sent out a warning to its webmaster tools users that they may see a decrease in their rankings. While google has not commented on the algorithm change, the results are pretty clear.

Mobile matters.

Google search results now show a small green label next to search results indicating a site is mobile friendly when you search from a touch device. To earn a mobile-friendly label your site needs to pass a set of criteria. You can find out if your site meet’s Google’s standards or not by using the mobile-friendly site testing tool.

What now?

So your site is not mobile responsive, and maybe failed the test above. Making a site mobile responsive after the initial build can be difficult. We have done it a few times, and the costs may be higher than building a new site with mobile in mind. It’s best to talk to your web designer and developer about your options and go from there. We’re happy to chat with you about it. Fill out our contact form and one of us will get back to you asap.