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the BEST during the WORST

By Matt Adams on February 10th, 2009

Do the hard times really bring out the best in businesses and non-profits?

I believe so.

One recent commentary on our current economy strongly suggested that during lean economic times it is natural for people to trend towards ‘BEST’ even when on a whole we are spending less. Think about it, even the BEST companies are cutting their prices right now. It isn’t the BEST companies that are going under, but mostly the sub-par and also the marginal ones. The BEST out there are competing like never before and are positioning themselves to survive & SUCCEED during these times. Some of the BEST products are now in reach of purchase where they weren’t before. Heady organizations are putting their dollars into their BEST core products or contributions.

Below is a link with a short interview from Seth Godin as it relates to positioning your company or organization.

Here are some additional thoughts:

  • what can we do to REFINE our organization?
  • how do we UNIQUELY set ourselves apart from our competition?
  • in which areas are we STRONGER than everyone else?
  • do we care more about being known or more about being on target and succeeding?
  • which of our people make the most irreplaceable contributions?

Godin Interview : http://mashable.com/2009/02/04/seth-godin-advice-for-startups/

we aren’t dumb.

By Matt Adams on January 23rd, 2009

I often see communication from companies that think we (consumers) are dumb.


• Circuit City is filing for bankruptcy due to the economic colapse.
   – The reality is that CC has been failing for the past 5 years. The last 6 months were merly the nail in the coffin.

Microsoft is cutting 5000 jobs because the slow economy.
   – Again, same story, Stocks and sales have been down for 2 years, yet apple reports one of the biggest profits (26% growth) ever for 4th quarter 08. Maybe the issue is bigger than the current economy.

• I recently switched cell phone carriers. My former carrier wants me back, and is offering me “special deals to come back”
    – The problem is that these so called special deals, are not special. In fact, they are worse than the deals a new subscriber would get walking off the street. 

• Locally, ASU is announcing huge budget cuts because the state is cutting some educational funding. They are dropping programs, loosing teachers, and making class sizes huge. 
    – The problem here is that ASU has raised tuition 233% in the last six years, and the ASU president makes $750k a year, plus $750K in bonuses. The average state school president makes $420k.  Seems to me they are whining and cutting the wrong things. ASU is a business after all. Maybe they should run it like one. 


Consumers are not a dumb as big companies think.