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Okay, real talk, blogging often is hard shit. We care so much about you and your time. We don’t write posts for the sake of writing posts. If we have a passionate topic, you’ll see it here. Otherwise trust we are probably just busy making something great for the citizens of the interwebs.

update me… please!

Reading Time: < 1 minute Some things are just screaming for an update… like the time share that I am in right now in Orlando. It was new & “in” when Miami vice was having it’s inaugural years.  The problem that this place faces is that it spent a TON of money on permanent fixtures that had a shelf life…

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What is your company's style?

Reading Time: 2 minutes Does your company stick to one style? How do you decide how to define your company? Is it important to have a distinct style? Well this is what we call your brand. And yes it’s definitely important to be distinct and memorable. It’s what distinguishes you from your competition, it’s what tells your customers the…

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