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What is your company's style?

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Does your company stick to one style? How do you decide how to define your company? Is it important to have a distinct style?
Well this is what we call your brand. And yes it’s definitely important to be distinct and memorable. It’s what distinguishes you from your competition, it’s what tells your customers the quality of your product or service, and it’s what helps sell yourself. Your brand describes who you are as a company, your mantra. Coca-cola’s brand has stayed relatively the same since the creation of their logo in 1885. That shows a stable and dependable company, with a lasting quality that has survived a very long time. Customers appreciate this stability and have showed their appreciation through their continued business for years.
Now, how do I figure it all out? Every company is different and there is no set process on how to figure that out. However, some important things to think about: What is your vibe, is your company edgy and fun or corporate and professional? Who is your audience, college students or thirty year olds with families? How can you be different from your competition? Are you regional, national, international? These questions are vague and only intended to get the thinking process started but it’s important to be specific. Making decisions on the brand should take time and thought, nothing that can be done overnight.
At Factor 1, we look at other great logos for inspiration every time we design. It’s important to see what others have done in order to create something new and different. Great resources for logo and branding inspiration: Logo Pond Logo Design Love Logo of the Day
A great brand is:

  • Memorable
  • Unique
  • Different from the competition
  • Not just trendy, but able to stand the test of time
  • Descriptive, it needs to explain who you are

What are some of your favorite brands? What makes them great?