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Your website's home page is lame

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In my daily conversations with client, potential clients and other designers, I am often presented with questions on how to make things stand out on the home page. Questions like “I want to add a new service, how do I make it important” or “we have a 65% bounce rate on the home page, how do we keep people on the site”. These are great questions, and deserve an answer.
Do you recall the “Choose your own Adventure” books? You know, you read a few pages, then make a descion on the plot line as what to do next, by flipping to a certain page.
Why not follow this method when planning out your site? Sure we need to have a few menu items, for some key points. Wouldn’t it be a great idea to direct users through the site with a ‘Choose your own adventure’ mind set?
So next time you are working on your site, maybe think through some ‘Next Steps’ links to cross direct traffic on your own site. If done well, I think you will find your site visitors ‘visit time’ increase, and you may see a few more hits on pages that need it.