listen up

Top 10 things to consider when building a website

In no real order of importance.

  1. Who is your audience?
    location, age groups, demographics, etc.
  2. Why are they there?
    research? purchase? contact?
  3. What are your top 5 goals of the site?
    increase sales, increase awareness, PR.
  4. Once its up, who will maintain the content of your site? you, a staff member (if so how?), the web design firm.
  5. How will your market your website
    Search engines, ads, social media, grass roots word of mouth
  6. Who will be building it?
    you, your brothers son, a fly by night freelancer, or maybe a quality design firm
  7. What is your budget?
    $500 or $5000. Set realistic goals. Good sites do not cost $500.
  8. Can you read testimonials, or speak to references of the web firm?
  9. Who will be writing content and supplying the photos?
  10. What should your domain be, and who will be hosting it?

These are a few questions we ask all new clients, and potential clients. They are some of the most important questions to think through as you get started on building a website.