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Okay, real talk, blogging often is hard shit. We care so much about you and your time. We don’t write posts for the sake of writing posts. If we have a passionate topic, you’ll see it here. Otherwise trust we are probably just busy making something great for the citizens of the interwebs.

another earth day post – newspapers

Reading Time: 2 minutes Since the dawn of the internet era (the mid 90’s), experts have speculated that the world of paper would go away. Everything would be digital. No newspapers, magazines, brochures, even business cards.  While a lot has shifted to the web, I still dont think the world of paper will go away 100%.  Both the New…

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White noise on the web

Reading Time: < 1 minute My Friend Seth (he may not know we are friends yet) posted a great thought on the ratio of Signal to noise. This really rings true being a web designer. We are often asked about creating secondary, and tertiary (and beyond) websites, just to link back to the main site. People tend to believe that…

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