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PRESS RELEASE – Factor1Studios.com is donating a website…

By Matt Adams on October 15th, 2009

Factor1Studios.com is donating a website to a deserving West Seattle non-profit.

Factor1Studios.com is a web, design and marketing agency that has just opened a West Seattle office. As part of our grand-opening introduction we are completely gifting the design and deployment of a custom website for a high-impact and critical non-profit in the West Seattle area.

West Seattle, Wa  (October 15, 2009) — Factor1Studios.com is now open in West Seattle, WA. We believe in positive change for our world, we believe in people, and we believe in leaders who sacrifice to make these things happen.

Our hope is that our new community will participate in selecting the recipient of our website gift. This is no gimmick. There are no strings attached.  Our hope is to be a integral part of the fabric of our new community. A critical requirement in making an impact is communicating effectively and creatively with many people on a consistent basis. An effective web presence can be a powerful asset in accomplishing this objective. Help us say ‘hello’ in fine fashion. For details, see http://www.factor1studios.com/nonprofit-gift

Ryan Russell
Co-owner, Factor1Studios.com – West Seattle

About Factor1Studios.com

Factor1 is a team of creative individuals who passionately believe that great service and good design work always win. Founded in 2004, Factor1 has grown to a small staff of 4 based in Maricopa, AZ and a new office in Seattle, WA. We have created hundreds of websites across the US, and internationally in Canada, UK, and Australia. Factor1 has primarily grown by word of mouth and continues to rely on their great reputation. Matt Adams is the president and creative director in the day-to-day operations of Factor1. In 2008, long time friend and business strategist, Ryan Russell joined Factor1 to enhance the impact and breadth of the company’s influence for positive contributions in the world through non-profits, churches and good business.

[CREDIBILITY] Why should you hire a professional design & web company?

By Matt Adams on November 5th, 2008

Is your product or service as bad as your web site?

For some of you out there in business or leading a non-profit I certainly hope not. However, chances are really good that your web site is seriously effecting your credibility with the very audience you would most like to reach. Regardless of your end pursuit, your web site communicates MANY things (not always positive) to the very people who you would like to engage. Consider this, your web site is like the clothes you wear + the words that you say – it needs to have a purposeful look and a crystal clear message!

When you stand face to face with your potential consumer you are certainly mindful of what your first impression is and the key words that will come from your lips in your first meeting. Why not have your web page do this as well? Some common pitfalls (as Matt noted here) are easily avoided when you engage a professional design company. The DNA of your organization will now be able to come through. The look and feel that you have worked so hard to achieve in your store, office, product or worship space can now be caught from the web. The power and importance of your message can be clear among the clutter. And, perhaps most importantly, your potential audience won’t CLICK AWAY or tune you out because your web site has the ‘built on my home PC’ essence.

Let me show you 3 examples contrasting ‘professional development’ from ‘personally designed’. I think you will be able to see clearly which sites best communicate credibility.

Do some thinking on your web site today!

Custom Bicycle Makers

http://www.henryjames.com -VS-  http://www.endorfinbikes.co.uk

Cigar Stores

http://smokemorecigars.com -VS-  http://www.fumarcigarsusa.com


http://www.centralumc.com -VS-  http://fh.org