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2 big site launches!

By Matt Adams on May 9th, 2008

Today was a busy day. We had 2 large, high profile sites go live, on top of a few others this week.

I kind of stopped blogging about site launches, but I needed to show off these 2 big sites.

First: Whitewing Communities.

Second: Central Christian Church of Las Vegas

Two awesome projects to be involved on, and I am super excited about both of their designs coming out so sharp.

Discovery: CSS Div ID naming issues

By Matt Adams on April 9th, 2008

Warning: This is a technical, website coding post. Not really marketing related.

So I was coding a site today while waiting at the dentist office (I am a geek I know). And I decided I would name one of my Div IDs “960wrapper”, to indicate that this div was 960px wide. Makes sense right? After doing this, and some other code the issue arises. My html is not seeing this div. at all.

I added a border stroke to outline it

I added a background color, and a min-height.
still nothing.

Keep in mind I have no internet, since I’m in a waiting room. So no google searches, no CSS xray tool.

I am about to pull my short hair out.

In some playing, tweaking, and overall trying to do anything to make this simple div wrapper to work, I re-title it to just “wrapper”

And BAM it works. I think I let out a little victorious battle cry in midst of the dentist office.

So what I figured out:
Div ID’s seem to not like names starting with numbers.

I did a few google searches back at the office. Nothing. I cant find anything related to this issue. Can any web CSS geeks point me to where I can learn why this method wont work?