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the real world review

By Matt Adams on April 30th, 2009

iPhone rocked the phone industry with a revolutionary PDA / phone / smart phone. Ever since every phone manufacturer has been trying to be the next iPhone. 

I was really glad to see this today, Palm is asking for volunteers to review their phone. Palm, who has an upcoming device titled the “Pre”. Its touch screen, and has a keyboard, with a new lightning fast OS. In their pre launch stages, Palm is engaging the real world by asking for reviews to use the phone, and blog, twitter, and facebook their opinions. 

This is great. They are taking away their marketing control, and letting the masses say what they will. 

This takes Guts. 

Are you so confident in your product or Service to ask the real world to review you as loudly as they can? Do you want to know the results?

Who reads this thing?

By Matt Adams on July 17th, 2008

So I dont see many comments on this thing, not sure why. Maybe I am not speaking to my audience very well. So I had an idea. Let’s see who actually reads this blog. I know there are a few dozen subscribers, and maybe you are a designer, competition, clients, my mom, etc. I don’t actually care who you are, but I want to know who you are if that makes any sense.

It’s my goal to be effective. If I need to shift my conversations and topics to better suit my actual audience, so be it. I just want to know who you are.

So if you dont mind, comment and let me know who you are. Share a link to your blog or website, let me know what interests you that we can discuss here. Otherwise I’ll keep talking about whatever I feel like (ohh maybe next week we’ll discuss baking tips for high altitude and their role in web marketing).

If you feel like remaining anonymous, thats fine too, maybe just let me know what interests you here.