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Site launch – Savannah Canvas

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So we received a project about 2 months ago from a new emerging church in Georgia. Now, we have a lot of churches in georgia, nothing new there. The cool thing about this project is that they are launching a church in downtown Savannah, down the street from a large art college.
So needless to say, a site to appeal to artists was the challenge.
I really love how this site came out. It is different from a lot of our sites, the navigation is really smooth, and overall its a great site. Plus I am a sucker for dark black sites with great photography.

Doug Garvin had this to say

Hats off to the team at Factor 1 for creating a great looking site for us. We gave them a few points about who we are as a church and then really let them run with the ideas. I believe what we ended up with is a truly unique site that is not only easy for us to manage, but also speaks volumes about Canvas Church. Thanks again guys!