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Site launch – Right People USA

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Yeah, yeah it seems all I talk about on this blog is goofy stuff I find online and new site launches. But don’t feel left out, its all I talk about in person too. Maybe next week I’ll tell you all about some more personal things in our lives.
Right People USA, a beautiful site. Shannon and I worked, re-worked, and re-re-worked this site design. It was tough to come up with that perfect, easy on the eye, smooth, and clear design.

I think we ended up with a well refined site. So did the staff at Right People.

Our website launch was perfect. Factor 1 exceeded our expectations in design and delivery. We had many last minute updates to ensure a successful launch prior to a conference, and Factor 1 was able to meet all our needs. Thank you for your quick response and excellent work. The navigation is simple for the client, and we know this will help us with our web presence. Thank you for your dedication and customer service.
Jessica M. Pierce
Right People USA, Partner/CEO

Thanks Jessica!