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3 reasons to buy a Sigg bottle

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We are firm believers in reusable bottles. Both at home and here in the office. We moved to aluminum bottles after all that mess with BPA in plastics. Usually this is a SIGG brand bottle for me. So we order them online every now and then, as we can’t seem to have too many swanky cool bottle options around.
Recently, network solutions had a major security leak in their ecommerce systems. Right about the time we placed an online order with Sigg. Sigg uses that system. Uh Oh. Network Solutions gave us a free credit monitoring service for 1 year. That was nice, but probably required of them legally somewhere.
So thats not the reason for this post. What really blew us away, was that Sigg sent us a free bottle, and an apology letter. How cool is that. A typical Sigg is $20. So I was really impressed when they went out of their way to make up for an issue they had no control over. Very cool.
The top 3 reasons to buy a Sigg

  1. Sigg clearly cares about their customers
  2. re-usable bottles never looked so good
  3. a Sigg will last you 10 years at least. (My dad has one used for camping that is older than I)