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so i really dislike redundancy. I avoid it at all costs. I am pretty sure my genius common sense could save companies thousands of dollars on postage and print production.
I often find myself getting solicitations from vendors we use. These solicitations are often very redundant.
Some examples:

From my Bank

Yesterday I received a letter from my bank telling me how eco friendly, and how great their new paperless statements are. I can save XX number of trees per year by going paperless. Now for the redundant & ironic part: I have been paperless with this bank for years. They are telling me to save paper, by sending me a letter.
How to fix it: Can’t they just simply look in their records of my account, and verify that I have already done this?

From Xerox

I purchased a xerox phaser color laser printer, direct from xerox 3 years ago. To this day, I still get mailings on a monthly basis advertising my same printer. Not a new one, the same exact model, and price. Prior to my purchase, I have never received anything from xerox. So by purchasing a xerox, I was added to a mailing list. A mailing list that clearly markets this single printer, as that is the only model I am ever seeing mailings for.
The fix: When customers sign up or purchase a product, sort a mailing list to make sure they only see new, bigger, better, faster products. Not the same product they own.

Qwest High speed internet

I guess I am now sounding redundant, as this is the same story as xerox & my bank. Cant someone cross refference a database of current subscribers with the mailing list? Is it really that hard to make sure you are not soliciting your high speed internet customers to purchase high speed internet?
So my point of the day, is stop being redundant. Save paper, postage, and customer irritation by spending some time in your mailing lists. Have a huge list, find a database admin expert to create a solution to better classify your list. Dont have your lists that sorted yet? start today with all new customers or leads. Over classify, over sort, you can merge lists on a case by case basis later as needed.