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Purple cow sighting

For those of you who have red the book Purple Cow by Seth Godin, you know what I am talking about.
The other day my Wife and I went to a local Jack in the Box for a quick to go dinner. After taking my order, the cashier did something i did not expect. He asked for my name. I was shocked. Once my order was ready, there was a very casual, “Hey Matt, here is your order, can I do anything else for you” , and then a “thanks for coming in, have a great night matt”. Now this wasn’t a fill in the blank sentence read by an employee like a robot. The cashier sounded sincere.
Is this revolutionary, not particularly. But for a fast food chain, YES. I go to the local deli (on a pretty regular basis) and I dont get this kind of treatment.
So what next. Is there a place in your business, ministry, or organization where you can be as personal as possible? Can you great your regular customers or attendees by name?
Studies have shown customers who feel valued, and cared for, may be customers for life. If you loose sight of the people who make your organization what it is, they may wander off across the street to the place that can treat them the way the deserve.