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Oak Leaf Church Site Launch

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We launched a few sites in the past few weeks. One noteworthy site is Oak Leaf church. Two years ago we created a pretty insane, flash based CMS site for Oak leaf. This new site is so much cleaner, smoother, and uses our database driven Monsoon CMS. This allowed us to use some new coding styles and features.
Michael Lukaszewski had this to say:

Factor 1 did a great job on our site re-design. They took the time to understand our DNA as a church and gave us the site we asked for. They implemented it on time and on budget, and the site is easy to update. They did our original site, as well as the redesign. We were glad we worked with them again, and you won’t be disappointed.

Thanks Michael for the repeat business and Shannon knocking out another great site design

More site launches and testimonials coming soon.
Also, a new Factor 1 site is in the works. Lots of cool features, technology, and a streamlined portfolio. Be on the lookout for that this summer!