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nominate factor 1 as the business of the year

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We work very hard in our local community with both non profits, for profits, and even a lot of work for our chamber. The Chamber of Commerce is holding the annual awards banquet, and we think we deserve to be on the ballot.
If you honestly think we meet the criteria, will you nominate us? Anyone can nominate a local business, but only local business can vote. So even if you are not local to maricopa, you could help us get on the ballot. If not, thats cool too. We are pretty content with being the “behind the scenes rock stars” that we are around here.

Nominees should meet the following criteria:
• Excellent business reputation (internally & externally) and a leader in their field of business
• Demonstrates sound business practices & excellence in the area of customer service
• Involvement in community programs, activities or services

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