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Marketing in the time of misfortune

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ATA / Aloha Airlines has stopped all flights to and from Hawaii on Thursday.
Here is my dilemma. There are ATA passengers stuck on the island with a round trip ATA ticket. The remaining airlines that service Hawaii, have decided to take advantage of the situation, and raise their prices.
What!?!!! In a world where good marketing and PR can make or break a business, why do we have companies continuing to take advantage of a customer. If it were up to me and I owned an airline, I would have flew all ATA customers off the island, for free or dirt cheap. My airline would have been seen as the hero, and I would have received a lot of news buzz for being a nice guy. But thats me I guess.
I know this is old school, and yes biblical, but if you as a company can take care of people because you want to, because its the right thing to do, the money wont matter.