listen up

marketing at its best.

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So I saw this commercial last night. And I did a double take. Did they show what I think they did on national prime time TV?

it came on again later.
Yes, they did just show what I thought they did on national prime time TV.
And I think its the best cereal ad of all time. For once, a bran type cereal wasn’t marketed to just seniors. Ohh man, i still laugh at this.

So what do you take home from this? Think of new ways to market to your target audience. Think of new ways to market outside your target audience. Think outside of the box, and push the envelope.
Some of our local churches are doing just that. One has a billboard on the highway reading “” with a photo of a man and womans feet in bed. howsexyami
Tons of news coverage, and all to market a sermon series on sex and god. Outside the box for sure.