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Is it stealing?

Reading Time: 2 minutes

So I browse the web. A lot. I tend to look at a lot of design firm websites. So today I pose this question: Is using apple application icons on your site stealing?

I see this the most when browsing design firm sites. I see they use the great little system preferences icon. Or the the ical icon.

So when you are placing these icons next to your tools, applications, or services, is this stealing? Didnt apple go to great lengths to create these beautiful icons? As a creative firm, does this show you are okay with stealing others work for your benifit? What message does this present.
Me personally, I say Yes. I think this is ripping off apple. These icons are not open source for your use. Sure if you are promoting your podcast, i say its okay to use the podcast or RSS icon. But to use the address book icon next to your contact info is too far.
It gets under my skin the more I think about it. Now I am to the point that I instantly discredit the firm for being creative. I feel they stole for their own site, what did they steal for their clients?
What are your thoughts? Am I off on my own in this?