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Impressions: consistency

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A property manager once told me that the best indicator of the nature of a renter is to take a look at the condition (exterior and interior) of the personal vehicle they arrive in. If it is well maintain, it is a strong clue that so too will your property be. Their behavior will be consistent.
Consistently good sells. So does consistently helpful service. Consistent quality. Consistently accurate and reliable information. Consistent insights. Consistent and effective design.
You favorite place to eat hasn’t just been good one time, but it has been good 9 times out of 10. And if that one bad experience would have been the second time you went, you probably wouldn’t have gone back.
So here is a kicker… not every place that has something good to offer is going to be consistent. Wanna know if you are going to get consistently good? Compare these 4 simple things before making a commitment or decision:
– the individual you have interacted with
– the place of operation or the service vehicle
– the website of the company or a print piece advertisement
– customer feedback
Go with the outfit that consistently presents the quality, message and experience you desire to receive. As a leader in your industry you must consider that ALL aspects of your organization communicate about the mission, message, quality and service you aim provide.