listen up

how are we/you doing?

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People reference your work whether you think so or not.

Sometimes it is positive.
Other times it is negative.
And, even if it is mediocre or indifferent, that is still a type of reference.
Do you care what people are saying OR not saying?
You should!
Given the 3 options, only 1 of them will generate future work, more & better projects and drive interest towards your company, mission or self.
So how do you know what people are going to say?
     I dare you to ASK THEM!
          Don’t flinch. 
               Don’t be afraid of what they might tell you — Good or bad, you need to hear it. 
If it is good, it will fuel you, motivate you and with permission, you can use it to tell others.
If it is horrible, now you know what you ought to be working on.
OR you are affirmed in your decisions to not to address those items/issues. 
If it is indifferent, there is an opportunity there to find out how to create positive, excited individuals, clients or followers. So ASK THEM more.
Here is your opportunity to tell us how we are doing.