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greatest product marketing scams of all time

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So I love good marketing, I get excited when i see some revolutionary angle, product or message that grabs my attention. But i also LOVE to find products that are marketed really well, but the product itself i find to be pretty much BS.
Here are some recent things I found.
Brain Water.
Y brain water is vitamin water for kids. $1.60 – $2 per 9 ounces of water. The key here is the great marketing & a fun package. Most city water has plenty of minerals, and if you ate a balanced diet, the extra vitamins are simply not needed.
Apple juice formulated for babies.
(I must be the father of baby boys, because im seeing a trend here.)
Ounce for ounce, this is 2x as expensive as normal apple juice. Im pretty sure your kid, nor my kids will be brain surgeons because they drank this.
Fancy pants dog food.
Seriously. They are dogs. They eat anything. This product is 100% marketed to the pet owner (well duh, dogs cant read). Its tugging on the owner to give their dog the best of the best. I do think that natural dog food with less filler junk is better for a dog, but some owners go to far. I’m glad to see Cesar Canine Cuisine is there to assist the owner in the disposal of extra income.
Silly Computer services
Geek squad (the best buy tech support team) will take your audio CD, and place the mp3 files on your ipod for $25 per cd. really?! They market the heck out of this service in their store. I know not everyone is tech savy, but thats a rip off!
I guess at the end of my rant, i will say, wow these are all GREAT marketing achievements! I wish just one of my past ideas were as big as any of these. Future ideas will trump all of the above. Im just saying.