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greatest PC application for a web designer

Since I am finding out that many of our readers are actually designers, I thought I would kick off things with a web geek post.
So I am a mac guy. I always have been. I grew up with a mac since I can remember. Since becoming a web designer a few years ago, nothing has frustrated me more than Internet Explorer. I mean really, its baffling how different IE can be compared to other applications. It even renders sites differently across its own versions.
So we test. and test. and test. This means having multiple PCs in an all mac office, just to run different IE versions (Unless you are a PC geek and can figure out to install IE 6 & 7 at the same time, which I guess is possible).
Anyway. I came across a great tool today. DebugBar Its a tabbed browser, for windows, that emulates different IE versions. 5.5, 6, 7, and the new Beta 8. So I installed it on my parallels virtual Windows XP machine.

So far its pretty cool. Much easier than us IMing across the office to have some one test in their version of IE for us.
So go, check it out. It wont get rid of IE off of the worlds PC computers (Im still waiting for that app), but it will make testing and fixing a bit easier.