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Going above and beyond in customer service

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My Friend Adam posted about a recent experience with apple customer service.
Adam ordered a new keyboard and mouse for his apple laptop from the apple store online. Yet he was shipped 2 mice, no keyboard. Here is his conversation with apple:

Adam: I wanna mouse and a keyboard. Can just take it by the Apple Store nearby to swap it out.
Apple rep: No, it was ordered online so it has to be resolved with the online store.
Adam: ::humph::
Apple rep: “Sir, I’m committed resolving this issue for you.”
Adam: cool, me too
Apple rep: “Because this was our fault, what I’m going to do is get the keyboard in the mail to you…”
Adam: grand
Apple Rep: “… we’ll send it expedited for no charge…”
Adam: fine
Apple Rep: “… you can have the ($70!!!!) wireless mighty mouse for free…”
Apple Rep:“… and we’re going to credit your debit card $25 to compensate you for the hassle.”
Adam: WHA????

Wow Apple went way above the need on this. They could have just been average, and sent a call tag for the wrong item, and sent the right one.
I guess you dont earn the reputation that Apple has by being average do you? You earn it by doing great stuff like this.