listen up

funny thing about SEO

So anyone who offers Search Engine Optimization as a service knows that good rankings take hard work, good content and back links. But I am going to spoil it for all the over paid SEO firms out there.
Good rankings also need dumb luck. 
For example. This week, I have been seeing lots of random web traffic for the search term “web design firm arizona” So i decided to see what the fuss was about and google it myself.
I found this on google:
What!?!?! How cool is that.
Sure we have been actively working on getting better rankings for that term. but for me to out rank Mighty interactive – part of Off madison ave. (A high paid, well known firm) on the map results, that has to be sheer luck.
Maybe this listing is based off my IPs zip code, not really sure. But still pretty cool.
No moral of the story here. Paid SEO firms do probably help many of their clients. And someday we will probably offer more SEO services. Just know lady luck is always involved at one level or another.