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free photo editing resources for the photoshop free user

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So a lot of our clients love the flexibility we give them on their websites. They can add images to pages or blogs, and often a nice marketing / promotional type image to their home page. Here is the catch. Most of our clients dont have a solid resource for these small graphics. We dont always have the time here at factor 1 either.
So here are some great resources I have seen that will allow the average, non-photoshop user to crop, edit and rotate images for use on anything print or web related.


Picnik is pretty cool. I actually really like using it. It can even be fun. Their interface is quick, and very intuitive. It also has some great auto enhance effects that rival photoshop quite well.

Adobe PhotoShop Express

Coming from adobe, this is not as much like photoshop as you would think. While its all flash, and pretty quick, I found it somewhat limiting. Still, a great resource, and solid tools for free.


This site felt a lot like myspace, photo bucket, and flickr to me. I found its tools to be pretty good. It does feature layer, and the ability to edit some adjustments after you complete them (think Undo, and photoshop smart filters).

This site i liked for quick edits. you can upload and edit a photo immediately. No accounts, no sign up. But because you dont have an actual account, your changes are gone once you leave the site. No saving and finishing later. Also no text editing / adding. So its pretty basic.
What other free, Mac & PC tools do you like for editing photos sans-photoshop?