listen up


Feedback is normally such a touchy subject. Everyone wants it, but no one wants to do much about it.
A few weeks ago I bought a pair of headphones from best buy. I got a survey. Which is good because I was very frustrated at this store. So this weekend I sit down to take my survey. I answer the questions politely, and with great thought.
So today, less than 24 hours after taking the survey, I get a phone call. Not from some Customer service rep, but from the store manager. He wanted to talk specifically about my points in the survey. I’m shocked. I bought a $45 item, and the manager cares to hear about what I would do differently in his store. We had a great conversation about product placement, employee responsiveness, and product selection & price points.
I was impressed. And I have a new thought.
A feed back box is soo 1994.
But a website feedback form is easy, anonymous, and we may get some interesting thoughts and answers from people too shy to call or email. I have heard that 90% of unsatisfied people, will never complain. They quietly leave. So with this form, we are begging and pleading for opinions. Maybe we can get more than the 10% to let us know. Or Better yet, maybe we can get someone to comment before they leave, giving you a shot to make the change, and keep the customer or church goer.
So what do you think about a page & form on your website asking for peoples opinions. We could announce it & add it to the church bulletin. Let the people know to tell you what they like and what they dont. It could be a great way for your organization or church to stay connected to people, and change how they operate to best suit the very customers or congregation you are there to help.
By the way, this all started off as a personal email to my pastor. I’m glad he reads my blog.