listen up

favorite things around the internet

So I am an internet junkie. I love cool internet toys.
Some of my new favorite things this month.
1. Pandora. An awesome internet radio of sorts. Plug in a band you like, and it finds and plays random music in a similar category of the band you like. A great way to find new bands or songs.
2. Google Reader. This isnt new, i just like it a lot. I live in google reader. I start my day by reading my subscribed RSS feeds.
3. Colour Lovers. A great site for finding new color schemes.
4. FaveUP. Great logos, print, and web work posted from around the world.
5. Squidoo. The brain child of Seth Godin. A great user generated content site. You can learn all kinds of things here.
thats it for now. I have actually been saving these for a while. I wanted to make sure I really like something before I share with the other 4 people who read this.