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Don't do this, Don't do that…

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Why do I always hear such negativity when it comes to innovation? There are always those naysayers who discourage the true innovators.
In a recent search for building an online payment system (so we can maybe have our clients pay an invoice online with our merch account), I came across this gem (I wont give them the pleasure of being linked to).

Do Not Develop Your Own Online Payment System
No organization today builds their own word processing application, they purchase Microsoft Word or Corel WordPerfect, which are far cheaper and superior to anything that could be developed in house. Publicly licensed software designed for mass consumption is generally superior to applications developed in house primarily because of economies of scale. Why would an online invoicing solution be any different? 

This is from a company who offers online payment systems. They continued to be negative, for 8 paragraphs, and basically tell me that no matter what I do, it will never be better than what they offer.  
While I do understand their point of not needing to re-invent the wheel. At the same time I see the person who thinks they can do it better, should. Build a better Word processing app, google (docs) and apple (pages) did. 
Our country was founded on innovation. Yahoo was a search mogul in the early internet days. Only an idiot would build their own search engine to compete right? I guess the guys at google didn’t listen. Think of all the companies who competed with the big dogs and changed the game: Google, toyota, honda, apple, blackberry, Adobe indesign, Vizo TVs, I could go on and on. 
So don’t listen. Innovate, do things different. Be a game changer.