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Creatives and their resumes

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So often we are bombarded with run of the mill resumes. Generic, accountant style.
Seth godinonce asked, why even bother having a resume.
I often think that non creatives, like accountants, and HR stiffs need a typical resume. And I still expect a resume of sorts.
In a recent conversation with a friend and former subcontractor, Katrina B., we were brainstorming how to get her hired. I took one look at her resume, and was bored. It was like an accountant wrote it. You know, typical objective, skills listed out, education in bullet points, etc. Blah blah blah.
I know Katrina well, and I know she is a creative person, personality shines though in every conversation. So why do designers and creatives feel the need to play it safe on a resume?
So I say, be creative, have fun with the text. Make sure it still prints, but go with a unique size, break the corporate accounting mold, have fun, and loose that generic objective. We all know your objective is to get a fun job, that is awesome, has free cake on tuesdays, and nap time at noon.
What other tips do you have? I know there are a lot of creatives that read this blog, will you share some of your favorite resume tips, things that stand out?
And if you know anyone in the Denver, Colorado Springs, or Colorado Front Range area looking for a solid designer, check out Katrina’s stuff. I’m sure her new resume will be up soon.