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Being Green may earn VW some Green

I have been waiting to see which car company would launch the first real green car campaign. Looks like VW has it.
Sure many companies are now making fuel efficient cars a regular part of their line up. VW’s have been Low emissions and high mpg for years. I remember when the new super beetle came out in the late 90’s with 60 mpg engines. Amazing.
VW has upped the bar for everyone else 2 fold.
1. They are educating their drivers about carbon offset
2. They are taking charge and footing the carbon offset bill for 1 year on each car they sell from now till the end of the year.
Is carbon offset the solution to global warming, probably not, but it is a great step forward, from a car company already dedicated to efficient vehicles.
Very Cool Stuff. I think this will be a great thing for VW, the industry, and VW’s customer base (old and new)
the end.