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History of Sale

By Ryan Russel

“Salesman” has somehow gotten a bad reputation. Perhaps it was converted into a disparaging term by men who pawn worthless used autos with cheap new paint jobs. My own made up history of the word envisions a young leader and entrepreneur alive with excitement about a new revolutionary product that has radically transformed his life. He so appreciates what difference that this new discovery has made for himself that he now can’t possibly contain his enthusiasm. He must tell others. It’s natural. It really is a part of who he is.

Being great at sales takes nothing more than confidence in your product and pride in your delivery and service. If you have personal ownership and belief in what you have to offer, then every conversation ought to be natural, easy and fun. I have a good friend who can’t but help talk about what he does for a living. Not because he needs your money, but because he really believes in what he does. In turn, he is one of the most profitable and successful ‘salesmen’ in know.

So, if you aren’t leading at bringing others along on your journey and in your business…
You aren’t proud of what you do OR you need to make your product better.
The leadership choices seem rather simple.

Paying customers to take a product?

By Matt Adams

Yep. Hyundai is paying people to drive their cars


Now I am not really a big fan of these cars. I usually hear about the loans outlasting the car. It can’t feel good to be paying $250 – $350 a month on a car that is falling apart.

But is this the new way to sell cars? Or is this just the little guy trying to make some waves in the pond?

Personally, and I dont want to sound like a snob here, but they would need to pay me double that, for a longer period of time to drive one. Otherwise I’ll stick to my used 03 and 04 toyotas with 80k+ miles each.