listen up

you too can be a designer

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You would think an article like this from Seth Godin would make design firms shiver in fear that clients would walk away, and do design themselves. In case you don’t follow that link, Seth Godin talks about how you can become a better designer with a few hours a month of reading from his book list. 
Not us.
In fact, it makes me happy. I fully agree with him, and I think you SHOULD be a better designer. Why you ask, would a creative firm like factor 1, want clients designing things themselves?
1. You can’t rely on design firms to make the small things. Sure we can build an awesome website for you. But when you need a single powerpoint slide, for tomorrows presentation, thats harder to get a firm to want to do. 
2. Almost every one of our websites is a CMS (content management system) driven site. Meaning our end client can log in, and add content. I would love it every one of our site administrators could insert top notch graphics. 
3. If our clients know a bit more about design, and can speak the lingo, it makes communication and brain storming even better.
4. At the end of the day, I know the years of experience, talent, and overall approach our team brings to the table is not going to be beat by a book. 
So I am sure some creative companies cringe at Seth’s post. I for one, embrace, encourage, and fully support it.