Work work work

What we want from humans

  • Honest and hard-working.
  • Problem-solving, thinking outside the box
  • But sometimes thinking inside the box because that’s important too.
  • Deep understanding of the web and marketing as we help small businesses grow
  • Appreciation of puns and their critical role in society of dad jokes
  • Quick to pick up a call, video chat or telepathy when you’re stuck or need to bounce ideas


About the other humans at Factor 1

  • We like good code, clean design, regular GIT commits, slack gifs and oreos
  • We have an office in Tempe AZ but are full on work from home, where ever in the world that may be for you.
  • Some of us like dad jokes, others love them. One of these is a lie.
  • 16 years of web experience with 300 sites, we’ve seen it all
  • We are pretty much all mac based unless you can sway us to something else
  • We work with all kinds of businesses, non profits, and start ups

Want to work here?

Fill this out and our robots will either laser you in the face or pass it on to the right humans.

  • insert a name here, ideally yours.
  • designer, game show host, test dummy pilot for experimental space craft, etc
  • this is where you wow us with weird tricks, puns, facts about land-based dinosaurs, or a poem you wrote about us.
  • a website, flyer on the bathroom wall, you get it
  • toenails, pet velociraptor, voodoo doll, a sad face you text us
  • give us the best title for this field.