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Woah, its 2011?

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Wow, we have been crazy busy. Our last blog post was in december 2010. Lots going on around here at factor1. Very exciting start to the year. Thought I should share some tid bits so you know we are still alive.

What have we been up to you ask?

First, lots of site launches. Like,,,,,, and more we cant talk about here (stuff for agencies). I’m pretty sure we have actually launched almost 20 sites so far this year.
We also moved offices a few weeks ago. Our lease was up on our last place and we wanted to be in a different part of town. This is very nice space for us. Quiet, professional, comfortable, and easier to find. And more room for bike parking.

Whats coming?

Some huge site launches. I’m talking massive projects(crazy custom wordpress driven, html5, ipad specific stuff) that we are super excited about. More in a few weeks. Also, be on the look out for a new factor1 site coming soon. The code is written, the content is being fine tuned, and we are adding in portfolio pieces. Maybe in may you will see the fruits of our labor. Inside geek info: its all HTML5, CSS3, WordPress powered, scalable from big screens to iphones, and crazy fancy in the code. We are pretty excited.
Now, back to work!