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Why punish your best customers?

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So this week I have read about wireless data restrictions from both T-mobile and AT&T.

If your total data usage in any billing cycle is more than 1GB, your data throughput for the remainder of that cycle may be reduced to 50 kbps or less.

So the 2 carriers that offer awesome phones (AT&T with the iphone, and T-mobile with the new HTC google andriod phone) want to restrict their best internet using customers.
Here is the issue. Owning an iphone, or the new HTC google android phone makes you an automatic advocate & ambassador for the carrier. Any phone / gadget geek will always want to talk to these people. How sad will it be when these users continue to express their frustration with their carriers along with bragging about awesome hardware.
This has already been my experience. In talking with iphone owners (I am not one yet, and at this rate, likely wont be anytime soon), I always hear the same things. Awesome phone; horrible service, speed, call quality & customer service. Now the iphone user can add “restrictive internet use” to the list.
T-mobile and AT&T claim this restriction wont hurt most customers, only the heavy users. DUHHH The heavy users will be the best advocates. They also claim it’s to prevent abuse and burden on their networks. I say fix the networks.
So I ask: Why punish your best customers?