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What the small business can learn from the iPhone 4s

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Like many of you, I followed the rumor mill around the iPhone 5 for months. Oh the high hopes, wishes and dreams. So many crazy ideas and cool concepts. When the iPhone 4s was announced some of us may have been let down. But I think there is a lot to be learned and a lot we can model our own products, services and marketing after.

A good thing made better.

Apple knows a thing or two on how to improve a product. Their desktops, laptops, iPods, and phones have all been improved so much over time. I think about the iPhone 4s, and I think wow, they took a great product, and made it so much better, without a drastic overhaul. The outer shell remains the same, familiar design with high quality materials, design and size. Better from the inside rather than out. That’s okay by me. I mean what good would a new design do if the insides don’t change.


2x faster. Looking at my own tools, services and creations, when was the last time I made something 2x better, faster, or easier, without a design overhaul? It shows you took great care and consideration for your users  to make your message / medium and product 2x better without rocking the boat of a new form factor.


Apple added new camera hardware and software. As we create or communicate, we too need to take new views into account. Has our audience changed? Community around us? Maybe the industry? How can we better change the perception and views of our own marketing or branding with some simple viewpoint changes? Maybe the logo remains the same, we just find a new way of telling the story. Maybe our website remains the same, but some updated copy, photos and fonts really would help a user connect on a deeper level.


the iPhone has dual chips, better anteneas , and world phone capabilities. Again, in the same design. As we grow our sites, products and brands, how can we better make sure that we too reach the world with out message? Maybe if we are in an area of multiple languages, we set up some web site content to better reach a spanish speaking audience.
I’m excited for the iPhone 4s, I’m glad that a great man like Steve Jobs lived the life he did to push our technology, ways of thinking, and the industry forward. His inspiration will be missed. Let’s take the legacies he and other great minds have left us to challenge ourselves to improve our messages, products and services.