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SEO magic

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Search Engine Optimization is like voodoo for me. I really dont understand how or why some of it makes sense.
So we have been actively working on some clean, white hat SEO on our own site. Just little basic things. Trying to learn more about this quantum string theory that is SEO.
So a few days ago we started seeing tons of hits from Alexa. Alexa is one of the leading authorities in saying how popular a site is in the world. They somehow rank all sites based on traffic (Factor 1 is ranked at 1,413,470 most popular site, not bad considering there are 108 million+ sites on the web). Alexa also provides a directory based list of all sites.
This is the cool part. So magically, the wizards of SEO have shown their liking to Factor 1, that some how we are ranked number 1 in the directory for multi-discipline design firms here in Arizona. Yep if you sort the list by most popular, we are in the number one position (for now, i guess it can change).
So really, go check it out. The Factor 1 Studios ranking on Alexa Arizona design firm directory