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Santa Photos Site launch

See, We told you we have been busy around here. Lots of new projects launching this season. was a very cool project to be working on. Mall Santas are a big deal. Many families want to find the same santa year after year, to provide great tradition, and consistency to their family photos. We needed to build a great site to make managing and finding locations and santas easy.
In a partnership with Mindbogl Design, this was the final result. (click for larger view, or just visit the site:

About the build of this site.
Using WordPress, we wrote about a dozen custom functions to make some magic happen. Custom home slider tools using jquery were built out, custom content types for santas, locations, and home banners were all part of the plan. So now when SantaPhotos admins need to add a location, they simply log in, add a new location, fill in the name, address, url, map link, etc, and we do the heavy lifting. All without any wordpress plugins.
It really turned out amazing. With all the santas, locations, pages and blog posts, managing specific content types is a breeze.
So far traffic is up (300 – 600 unique visitors per day), and SEO key words are already helping the new site showing up in google. The staff at was very excited to see the new site live.