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Random facts about matt

So in our past a few weeks ago asking Who Reads this, some of you were interested more about personal things. So In an effort to share more about factor 1 staff, here it goes.

  • My name is matt, but most of you know that.
  • I am 26 (as of august 3rd)
  • I started factor 1 in college, but it became full time in 2004
  • I have been married for 6 years to my amazing wife Stephanie
  • 4 furry kids (2 cats, 2 dogs)
  • We do have real kids on the way, but in a non-traditional sense (We are adopting 2 children some time in the next 6 months we hope)
  • The factor 1 office is like 2 miles from my house, which is awesome for commuting
  • I ride my bike waaaaaaay to much. I love mountain biking, I ride almost every weekend with good friends
  • I ride my bike about 50 miles a month to work and back
  • I keep said bike in my office, as it is too pretty to leave outside
  • I enjoy being home at night and on the weekend.
  • I played ice hockey in junior high and high school
  • To contrast the ice hockey, my wife and I have completed Bronze level ballroom dancing
  • I really stink at sports with balls, I dont even really like watching any of them
  • I dont network in person as much as I should, but i have 12,000 myspace friends (kidding)
  • I am a total mac geek. but I dont yet own an iphone.
  • I am a total design geek, and love great websites, fonts, books, and art
  • you can connect with me on linked in here
  • I have a myspace page for some reason (because all the cool kids do I guess)

So thats me. Who’s next? I say I put out a challenge for my readers to share some more info about yourself, and link it in a comment. I want to know more random facts about you too.
Maybe I can con some other factor 1 staff to sharing their random details (wink* wink* Ryan and Shannon).