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Nightly News

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So I just finished watching NBC Nightly News. This was the best Nightly News ever for 2 reasons.
Pine Ridge Church, and Hoops of Hope.
Both are great clients of ours, and it was so awesome to see both Tadd Grandstaff and Austin Gutwein with their respective methods of outreach on such a national scale.
If you didn’t see it, you missed a great show.
Tadd Grandstaff (who is the lead pastor of Pine Ridge Church) was interviewed by Tom Brokaw on the topic of young evangelical pastors in the south, regarding politics, and key issues that divide many political groups and religious organizations.
Austin Gutwein (founder of Hoops of Hope, age 13) was in Africa, where he raised enough money to build a high school for 1000 students. Austin is also planning on raising enough money to build a hospital next year. Amazing.
great job to both of you guys!
So who is going to be on national television next?