listen up

New factor 1 site

We are super excited to announce our new site is finally done. 
Shannon, Ryan and I have been working on it a lot. It has been a great process, to re-think the typical design firm site. We found a lot of our clients didnt like sites that were all about the company, and less about the clients or products. 
So in an effort to better reach the people we deeply care about, we had to start over. 
Go check it out. We think it’s pretty special. Feel free to let us know any comments or questions you have. I am more than open to hearing them. 
And now my wife can stop harrasing me about the coming soon banner I put up too long ago. (backstory, I normally make fun of companies who put coming soon banners up, then take two years. So I placed the coming soon banner up as a reminder to myself that if the site didn’t go live quick, I would be a hypocrite. I guess 5 months = hypocrite)