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Netflix: A nimble cruise ship

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It’s often said that the bigger the company is, the less nimble they become. Like a cruise ship compared to a small speed boat. The smaller boat can make quick refinements to its route, but a cruise ship makes big, slow turns. Stoping and starting can take too long sometimes.
Today Netflix killed off Qwikster (article). If you didnt follow it, back on September 18th Netflix announced it would split the online streaming video division and DVD by mail into two seperate companies. They have always been seperate products. Qwikster was the awkward new name and brand for the DVD by mail service.
Lot’s of grumbling from the media, consumers and experts right away. Terrible name, logo, and idea was the gist.
Rather than sticking with it and risking certain chaos, confusion and possible death of one or both companies, they pulled the plug. Netflix, a fairly large organization made very quick movements. They swallowed their pride, and killed qwikster. Thank goodness!
It’s encouraging to see even the big dogs can retreat, and admit they made a mistake. I applaud Netflix for listening to their customers, and having the guts to admit they were wrong, and make the quick change.
It’s never to late and you are never to big to make drastic changes if your customers demand it.