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Great free programs for clients to know and use

This image editing program has been compared to Photoshop with all it’s tools and editing capabilities. However, the good news is that it’s completely free. The program comes with tons of cool stuff and allows you to crop, resize, and retouch photos. The bad news, is that it’s not geared toward those that haven’t used a program like this before so the learning curve may be steep. Nonetheless, it’s highly recommended by Factor 1 as a good image editing program that will help out with many image tasks.
This ftp program is great for our apple friends. If you need ftp access to your site, or if you need to upload images or other files to the Factor 1 ftp, this works great! The user interface is clean and easy to use, making it a great choice, especially for a free ftp client.
This ftp client works well for our PC friends. Logging in to your site through ftp can come in handy, and this will certainly help out.
More and more clients are podcasting, and this program allows you to record and edit sound on your computer. It’s pretty easy to use and very helpful when compressing audio or editing clips that you’ve already recorded. Audacity comes in Mac & PC flavors.
Any free programs that you’ve seen that clients may love?