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Email spam – no màs

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So I get a lot of spam. I mean a lot. Probably 300 – 500 a day. I assume its because I am awesome, but its really because my email is listed as the registered owner and tech contact on about 25 domains.
While Apple mail rocks, it still has to sort the spam to my junk folder, and spam is still in the way when I check my webmail.
Enter solution:

Now Google bought out part of (maybe all of) Postini, and made it cheap. $3 per user, per year.
I have implemented this on my email account here at factor 1. Let me tell you, in the past few days, my spam has dropped to 5 or 10 a day. My Apple mail catches those.
This is the same system google uses to filter the amazingly spam free gmail. So I essentially have the gmail filtering system, on my commercial hosted email account.
I would recommend this to anyone with an email address. I have had good success so far, and very limited legit email caught in the filter (which I can check online)